Movie Time with Equestrians

  • Me: he has terrible posture.
  • Me: EXCUSE ME. Heels down.
  • Me: wrong diagonal.
  • Me: this is awful I can't watch this.
  • Friend: shut up we're watching Tangled it literally doesn't matter.


You know you’re an equestrian when you get something out of your pocket and hay comes out

Ways to win my heart...


1. I find corny jokes cute.

2. I want a gentleman. Not a boy.

3. Hold my hand while you’re driving.

4. Teach me something you like doing.

5. Being protective is sexy. Controlling isn’t.

6. Sing to me, no matter how bad you think you are.

7. Hand holding,…


Ok so why the fuck…..

Usually said by someone who is about to make a valid point while simultaneously asking you a rhetorical question (via volumesofsilence)

My friends always tell me I’m the dumb one.



And I’m like:


But then I turn around and say stuff like: